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    The Leisure
    Chorges : L'écrin du lac

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    The Leisure
    Chorges : L'écrin du lac

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Take the time to have fun !

Leisure refers to the fun you can have when you have free time ... So, now that you are on holiday...

There’s something for everyone, at every age...

  • Activities on the estate
  • Sports in the area for everyone, from 7 to 77
  • Tours, entertainment, relaxation


Activities on the estate


Sports in the Area


Tours, entertainment, relaxation


Ski slopes


Activities on the estate

Enjoy the activities available on the estate...

Inside the holiday village. Your children are little Lords...


At the “Marmotte Club”. In July/August, from Monday to Friday, a team of dynamic, multi-lingual monitors will take care of your children free of charge with games, dancing, crafts, sports ... to make their holidays unforgettable.

Grown-ups will be having fun too ... at your arrival, you will be welcomed by a team of friendly monitors who will suggest a host of sports and playful activities ...

  • Sports activities : jogging, aquagym, aquatonic, dancing, ping-pong tournament,...
  • Games : cocktail games, petanque tournament,...
  • Evening activities : shows, cabaret, karaoke, dances, candlelight market...


Sports in the area for everyone, from 7 to 77

For sports lovers, the Hautes Alpes region offers a large variety of sports for experienced athletes and beginners alike, on the ground, on water and in the air...

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activites-que-faire-lac-serre-poncon-chorges-lamisoleil 2
activites-que-faire-lac-serre-poncon-chorges-lamisoleil 3
activites-que-faire-lac-serre-poncon-chorges-lamisoleil 4
activites-que-faire-lac-serre-poncon-chorges-lamisoleil 5
activites-que-faire-lac-serre-poncon-chorges-lamisoleil 6
activites-que-faire-lac-serre-poncon-chorges-lamisoleil 7
activites-que-faire-lac-serre-poncon-chorges-lamisoleil 8
activites-que-faire-lac-serre-poncon-chorges-lamisoleil 9

On the ground

  • Mountain biking
  • Cyclotourism
  • Hiking
  • Randonnées équestres
  • Packing
  • Via Ferrata
  • Mountain climbing
  • Speleology
  • Golf
  • Archery

On water

  • Canyoning, rafting, canoeing, kayaking
  • Windsurfing, Catamaran, Sailing
  • Water skiing
  • Diving
  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Boat tours

In the air

  • Hang-gliding, Parapente gliding, ULM
  • Sky jumping
  • Bungy jumping
  • Hot air balloon tours
  • Flying over the mountains in a plane


Nature In the Ecrins

  • National Park stands in one of the largest and highest mountain ranges in the Alps
  • Les Demoiselles coiffées : A geological curiosity in the Hautes Alpes landscape and a unique phenomenon in France. These are columns of stone formed by alluvions and mounted by a huge rock that protects them from erosion.
  • The Lautaret botanical gardens : show a reconstitution of natural high altitude milieus to discover the mountain flora.

visiter-region-serre-poncon-hautes-alpes-village-vacances-lamisoleil 8
visiter-region-serre-poncon-hautes-alpes-village-vacances-lamisoleil 1
visiter-region-serre-poncon-hautes-alpes-village-vacances-lamisoleil 6
visiter-region-serre-poncon-hautes-alpes-village-vacances-lamisoleil 5
visiter-region-serre-poncon-hautes-alpes-village-vacances-lamisoleil 2
visiter-region-serre-poncon-hautes-alpes-village-vacances-lamisoleil 9
visiter-region-serre-poncon-hautes-alpes-village-vacances-lamisoleil 3
visiter-region-serre-poncon-hautes-alpes-village-vacances-lamisoleil 4
visiter-region-serre-poncon-hautes-alpes-village-vacances-lamisoleil 7



  • Gap Departmental Museum : houses the cultural treasures of the Hautes-Alpes
  • Digne geological reserve : To better understand the evolution of the earth
  • Salagon priory : conservatory of the ethnological heritage of Haute-Provence
  • Muséoscope of Serre-Ponçon Lake in Rousset : traces the history of the largest dam in Europe
  • Museums in Barcelonnette : archeology, fine arts, history of emigration
  • Museums in St Paul sur Ubaye : Tools, Handicrafts, Traditions
  • Museum in Jausiers : water
  • Museum in Lauzet : hunting and food gathering

Architecture and old stones

  • Boscodon Abbey : The abbey was founded in the 12th century by Chalais.
  • The old town centre of Gap
  • The Cathedral Notre-Dame duréal d’Embrun and the fortified town
  • La Tour Brune du XIIIème d'Embrun
  • Small mountain churches dating from the Middle Ages will surprise you with their unexpected beauty

Ski slopes

vacances-ski-serre-poncon-hiver-lamisoleil-village-vacances 1
vacances-ski-serre-poncon-hiver-lamisoleil-village-vacances 2
vacances-ski-serre-poncon-hiver-lamisoleil-village-vacances 3
vacances-ski-serre-poncon-hiver-lamisoleil-village-vacances 4
vacances-ski-serre-poncon-hiver-lamisoleil-village-vacances 5
vacances-ski-serre-poncon-hiver-lamisoleil-village-vacances 6


In winter, the Hautes Alpes propose 30 ski resorts from Queyras to Devoluy, from Briançonnais to Vallonite. Every form of skiing can be enjoyed in an authentic atmosphere of chalets, Alpine pastures and sleigh rides. Orres and Réallon are the closest resorts to the estate (15km).



The Accommodations

 The Accommodations

The region

 The region


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